Sustainability Policies


Europcar’s Reason for Defining Policies

At Europcar we are fully aware that the commitment of a sustainable company entails the responsibility of undertaking a productive management (product development, definition of prices, client identification, advertisement strategy, and administrative and operational work) that lies within sustainable guidelines, in order to achieve its objectives without detriment to the ecosystem, while protecting the natural and cultural heritage. To this end, it is of paramount importance to establish policies that serve as guiding principles for our corporate activities. The firm’s policies are general guidelines or decision criteria for the selection of strategic options. They constitute principles set forth to steer our thinking and actions towards the achievement of objectives related to sustainability.

This document stipulates what can and must be done when faced with daily activities conducted in the company. The idea is to have clearly defined policies that will enable staff to create comprehensive projects and programs, in an orderly manner, that merge company operations with sustainability aspects.

Our policies express specific objectives and are consistent with internal regulations. With this in mind, not only have we managed to foster a series of habits within the company, but have also contributed to the development of an appropriate attitude towards sustainable programs.

Through its policies, Europcar is showcasing the importance that it awards the environment, its willingness to mitigate any potential negative environmental impact, while facilitating a document to guide its steps with regards to environmental policies.

Sustainable Policies Proposed for Europcar

The general policies consist of a series of provisions aimed at governing and guaranteeing a sustainable tourist development, projected to the future, and of mandatory observance by the entire organization.

Environmental Policies

The general objective of the Environmental Policies is to promote and further best practice guidelines for the internal processes, thus contributing actively to the development of sustainable tourism.

    • Europcar’s general operations are conducted by contributing in an effective, constructive and comprehensive manner to the generation of economic benefits for the entire organization (partners and employees), while protecting the environment and respecting the Costa Rican culture and idiosyncrasy.
    • Sustainability shall be the fundamental basis for the worldwide operation of Europcar, becoming an inherent feature of the services provided.
    • The training of our staff shall always promote a clear awareness and sense of responsibility towards the environment that is reflected in their work performance.
    • Saving water and electricity, along with recycling, shall be the fundamental pillars for the compliance of our commitment as a responsible organization. In this sense, Europcar makes a commitment to:
      • Contribute to the conservation of the country’s forestry resources.
      • Contribute to the decrease of air pollution:


Social Policies

    • We shall strongly oppose any type of tourist activity that threatens public order and the moral character that depicts Costa Ricans, or endangers  the physical and moral integrity of its employees, clients, visitors and neighbors, as well as social impairment.
    • We shall foster a tourism development based on ethics, quality and sustainability, for which purpose Europcar shall exert its influence on the tourism, political and entrepreneurial sectors, which shall translate in equal benefits for the company, employees, the environment and the community.
    • All domestic and international advertising shall be conducted according to specific plans to be designed based on the area’s involvement, seeking mutual benefits in terms of image promotion and responding to the tourism vision and objectives of the region as a whole.
    • We shall showcase, through our advertising actions, the cultures, traditions and customs of our different regions, while defending its integrity, respecting its environment, and transmitting the importance of enjoying the cultural wealth of our country, without generating a negative impact that may threaten its inhabitants and its culture.

Environmental Criteria for Europcar’s Purchases

Europcar’s Purchasing Policy

Administrative and Operational Staff Policies

What Does the Certificate of Sustainable Tourism Involve?

The Certificate of Sustainable Tourism (CST) is a program launched by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT, by its Spanish acronym), designed to categorize and differentiate tourism companies according to the degree of proximity to a sustainability model with regard to the management of their natural, cultural and social resources.

The resulting prize is awarded by the National Accreditation Committee with headquarters in Costa Rica. Following are the categories subject to evaluation:

  1. 1.    Physical-Biological Environment

It evaluates the interaction between the companies and their surrounding natural environment, and is interested in the implementation of sustainability policies and programs, environmental protection, among other topics.

  1. 2.    Service Facilities

It evaluates aspects related to the company’s internal systems and processes, regarding the management of waste materials and the use of technology for saving electricity and water.

  1. 3.    Clients

It evaluates the actions undertaken by management to invite the clients to participate in the implementation of their corporate sustainability policies.

  1. 4.    Socio-Economic Environment

It evaluates the identification and interaction of the establishment with the neighboring communities, studying, for example, the degree with which tourism companies respond to the growth and development of the region, by means of job generation or the achievement of benefits that help the community.

The CST—deemed one of the most stringent and demanding programs worldwide—verifies sustainability levels among hotels and tourism operators, and rates the participating organizations from levels one to five.

Our clients visiting Costa Rica may be certain that their money is well spent in a manner that  makes a positive contribution, both environmentally and socially.


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