Recommendations of Environmental Friendly Practices illustrated in this document are useful and easy to apply. These practices lead to outstanding results and help everyone achieve one common goal: Sustainable Development.

If you decide to visit any protected area we recommend you take into account the following:

  1. At the beginning of each tour try to get information about natural resources and environmental conservation policies.
  2. Please take with you a paper bag in which you may throw your garbage during your stay in the protected area.
  3. Smoking is not allowed within national parks or biological reserves. Please follow the instructions: do not smoke.
  4. Avoid entering national parks or biological reserves with food, especially if package is not biodegradable.
  5. Avoid any kind of unnecessary action that may disturb wildlife. Try to reduce noise while walking through paths in national parks or biological reserves and keep a safety distance from species. Do not touch plants and avoid using yellow light torch at night.
  6. Always walk within marked paths. Do not wander off.
  7. Do not feed, for any reasons, animals within national parks or biological reserves and avoid leaving edible garbage within the protected areas.
  8. During visits to surrounding communities, national parks or biological reserves, you can support the community by buying goods and services within the local community. This will favor a positive interaction between the community and you as a tourist.
  9. Avoid buying souvenirs or art crafts made of endangered kinds of wood or animal parts.
  10. Avoid taking plants or animals, in Costa Rica apply severe penalties (expensive charges or jail).

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