Information on CST 

Come join us on our quest towards Sustainable Tourism. The Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST) is a program whose objective is to classify and certify tourism companies according to the degree to which their operation approaches a model of sustainability.

The development of sustainable tourism should be viewed as a balanced interaction in the appropriate use of our natural and cultural resources, an improvement of local communities’ quality of life, and the financial success of the tourism activity, which in turn contributes to the country’s development . Tourism Sustainability is not only a proposal that focuses on demand, but rather an essential condition for successfully competing now and in the future (CST 1997).

Its key objective lies in turning the concept of sustainability into something that is real, practical and necessary, thereby improving the dynamics with which the country’s natural and cultural resources are used, while fostering the active participation of local communities, all with an emphasis on bolstering competitiveness in the business sector.

In order to evaluate the sustainability position of a tourism company, the CST examines four key areas, namely:


Customer: Actions undertaken by

this car rental company to urge

customers to participate in the

implementation of corporate

sustainability policies.

Physical-biological environment:

The interaction between the company

and the surrounding natural environment,

focusing on the implementation of

sustainability programs, envoronmental

protection, to name a few.

Socio-economic environment: The

identification and interaction of the

business establishment with the


Internal processes: Aspects related to the

company´s internal systems and processes

with regard to managing waste and saving

on electricity and water.

Europcar’s Quality Standards

At Europcar, our Standards are based on the International Franchise Standards applied as comprehensive systems, encompassing the product or service, the security and wellbeing of the employee and his or her community, the protection of the environment, and customer satisfaction.

  1. We take proper care of the needs of our customers—the key actors to whom we aim all our efforts.
  2. We guarantee our customer that the quality of the service he or she is purchasing shall be maintained throughout time.
  3. We invest in market research in order to fully understand consumer behavior.
  4. Our business efforts are closely linked to Marketing Strategies.
  5. We ensure efficiency in the Productive Processes and Services, rather than relying on effective controls.
  6. We are making headway in environmental conservation processes, having achieved CST’s 5th level and having been awarded the ecological Blue Flag in the “Actions to Fight Climate Change” category. The above evidences that our product or service conforms with specific standards of corporate responsibility.
  7. This implies making investments, which are translated into a high level of financial strength, security, confidence and wellbeing to the companies as well as their clients.
  8. We embrace an Organizational Climate oriented to quality and productivity, by fostering awareness, motivation, commitment, recognition, and positive performance of our human resources, among others.
  9. Other efforts are geared towards achieving Constant Improvement, based on the concept that there are increasing needs to be met, resulting in a myriad of highly-competitive products in the market.

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