Code of conduct

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Europcar is an avid advocate of moral integrity and the rights of all Costa Rican citizens in general: adults, adolescents, and children. As such, it shall govern our tourism activities under the most stringent guidelines based on the following laws: No. 8204 on Narcotics, Psychotropic Substances, Unauthorized Drugs, Money Laundering, and Related Activities; No. 7476 Against Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and in Education; and No. 7899 Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children.

On the Law Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Our intention is to disclose amongst our employees, customers, suppliers and families that sex with minors in Costa Rica is a crime punishable by imprisonment.

Our message shall emphasize that children and adolescents must never be blamed or held responsible for the actions to which they are induced or forced by their exploiters.

We shall encourage the creation of a "zero tolerance" culture against all forms of exploitation against children and adolescents, aimed at modifying the deeply engrained cultural patterns that justify authoritarianism, discretionality, and arbitrariness that adults exhibit toward children and adolescents.

We shall insist on the fact that the problem is not the exclusive responsibility of the State, and much less that of the victims themselves, of their families, or of their immediate social environs, which is why an overall effort by society as a whole is required.

We shall point out that whenever children and adolescents are sexually exploited, many other rights are also infringed (the right to physical and mental health, education, family life, games and recreation); therefore, those rights must also be reinstated.

In view of the above, at the slightest sign of this intolerable practice on the part of any employee, supplier or customer, we retain the right of investigating, studying and analyzing the situation, as well as that of continuing or terminating any existing labor, business or contractual relation.

We shall make an invitation, by means of written, formal communiqués, to be a part of the Code of Conduct, and shall provide guidance—if need be—on the requirements for its endorsement.

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