Compensate the Carbon Footprint of your rental with Europcar Costa Rica

How to contribute off setting the footprint generated from the use of your car during your rental? 

This is possible with Europcar and Anaconda CO2. 

Anaconda CO2 is a company that manages the process of registering and issuing Carbon Credits in CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) environmental projects with the most internationally recognized organizations in the market, ensuring the quality and the verification of this registration.

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At the end of your rental upon return of you vehicle, you will be able to offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by your car during your drive in our country , thus voluntarily contributing and joining the environmental efforts developed and implemented by Europcar Costa Rica.

How is the carbon footprint mitigated?

With a contribution of $0.01 per kilometer, we will acquire Clean Energy Certificates issued by the United Nations Framework for Climate Change on behalf and for CDM PROJECT 6275  Los Santos Wind Farm , to offset all Green House Gas Emissions generated by your vehicle during your use in Costa Rica.

Green House Gas Emissions are established thru the ISO 14064 developed by the Paris Agreement and in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol, which commits its Parties by setting internationally binding emission reduction targets, and Europcar Costa Rica is a committed company towards clean energies and sustainability

This is Europcar Costa Rica´s Voluntary Cancellation Certificate for the Year 2017:

Carbon Offset Certificates of our internal fleet:

About Los Santos Wind Power Project:

Los Santos wind power project is a grid connected 12.75 MW/h wind farm. It is the first wind farm in Costa Rica that is constructed and operated by a rural local electricity generation cooperative, which distinguishes itself by having a very high degree of stakeholder involvement.

Project Objectives:

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